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DIY Poison Apple (No Carve!) Pumpkin

Magic Mirror on the wall, who has the easiest pumpkin idea of all? This no-carve pumpkin is spooky and easy for little hands to make, go ahead...take a bite!

What You'll Need: 

- Craft Pumpkin OR Fresh Pumpkin
- Red & White Craft Paint (I use this brand)
-Black Sharpie
- Hot Glue Gun
-Scrap Of Green Felt

How To Make It:

1. Paint the base of your pumpkin red, coat twice for consistency.

2. Once paint is dry use the sharpie to draw the poison apple face shape. It's essentially two droopy circles for eyes and a runny triangle/ upside down heart as a nose, you can get creative with this and use a quick google search as a reference.

3. Paint the top of your pumpkin white and start to form "drips" around the pumpkin and the eyes, coat twice for consistency. Let dry completely.

4. Cut out felt leaf for the top, use hot glue to attach.

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